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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Entertainment |

Discovered in England’s first color video history

Discovered in England's first color video history


Researchers at Britain’s National Museum of Media revealed the first color video history, dating back to 1902. The recording was made in evidence by Edward Raymond Turner where I take moving images of soldiers marching, birds and children of Turner, and the tape was kept in a can for over a century until it was discovered inside the Museum.

The curator of silent films British Film Institute (BFI, British Film Institute), Bryony Dixon, said the tape has a global relevance to the cinema. “There is something of a color film that deceives us into believing that a recording is real, so you see these images of 110 years ago is very substantial. It’s really beautiful, “said Dixon.

The recording method was patented by Turner in 1899, four years before his death, with the support of the American entrepreneur Charles Urban, who continued the work of Turner and launched the system in 1909 Kinemacolor two colors, whose films were considered the Color oldest recordings until this discovery.

The restoration of the film was made by Michael Harvey, restorer of the National Museum of Media, who first publicly showed the images, in Harvey’s words, “is the first color video recording of history (… ) To our knowledge, and after all the research I have done, no other color images prior to moving it. “

Link: World’s first color film footage discovered in England (The Verge)

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