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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Science |

Discovery of a large river in one of the moons of Saturn

Discovery of a large river in one of the moons of Saturn

The NASA’s spacecraft captured an image of a river over 320 miles long on Saturn’s moon Titan. Although some have called the “Nile alien” is actually much shorter than the African river (6,650 km long), but reveals that is a wet world, perhaps not very different from ours.

In this moon had already found several small lakes and rivers, but the newly discovered stream is the longest so far and is the first time that there is a big system on a celestial body other than Earth.

The Titan River has no water, but liquid hydrocarbons such as methane and ethane, which are stable to 170° C average is in the satellite. The river flows into the “sea Kraken”, one of the three oceans of Titan, which covers the northern hemisphere of the moon. The liquid cycle this includes satellite rains, which have been observed by the probe. Now, it is unclear whether this liquid improves the chances of life existing.

mini Cassini spots on Saturn moon river Nile (NASA)
Vast river system alien spotted on Saturn’s moon Titan (Wired)

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