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Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in Entertainment |

Disney and Sony prove revolutionary service in Korea to reduce piracy

Disney and Sony prove revolutionary service in Korea to reduce piracy

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It is said that is due mostly to entertainment companies such as record companies and movie studios do not provide the tools necessary to consume your content today, especially with regard to old collection techniques (very useful in a analog world) as the ‘window’ of releases, which are the months that elapse since a film shown in the cinema, to its debut in other media such as DVD or streaming.

Perhaps as a sign that yes they are aware of their shortcomings to combat piracy without resorting to three-strikes laws , Disney and will begin testing a new service in Asia that seeks to reduce piracy by offering the rental of movies that are currently in theaters.

In the background the service would be that one would give him the ability to pay the Right to see the movie, either in the form of tickets to go to a movie theater, as well as to see it from your home using video-on-demand (VOD) via cable and satellite television, or the Internet.

At present the service is being tested in South Korea, and in case of being successful certainly would mean a big change for the film industry because its impact could even destroy hopefully 90-day window in which U.S. theaters have exclusivity to play a recently released, regardless of a person has many forms today hoping to entertain certain movie comes to the cinemas to see it in the comfort of your home.

At the end of the day, what a movie should sell the experience of watching a movie in their room, with its great sound and screen. No real need for exclusivity that only they have access to certain content, especially when today the issue of access to that content is almost solved thanks to the Internet.

In fact Kim Young-gi, a researcher Korean Film Council, gubernametal entity that supports local industry, said the plan and Sony does not cause major concern: “Going to the movies is a cultural experience is like watching TV VOD . They are two separate markets continue “.

Link: Sony and Disney begin streaming movies still in theaters in a bold move against piracy (The Verge)

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