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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Hardware News |

Does AMD leave the CPU market?

Does AMD leave the CPU market?

Yesterday, there was the Rumor that amd would cancel the launch of its CPUs Vishera , second-generation fx series based on Piledriver. And while today this information was denied by the company , now there was another rumor that for some, it could be much worse (and better for others): be discontinued all exclusive mainframes.

This means that AMD will design more CPU no longer point to the best possible performance in terms of performance only central, but now focus on the development of APUs, ie, chips that integrate several functions in a single package, highlighting the central processing with graphics.

It is well known that the have presented a difficult challenge for Intel, a company that according to many, has taken a significant performance advantage AMD CPUs around, with the latter company having wide lead as far as are concerned, APU being the final blow that Intel has given.

For this, you would understand where AMD strategy would no longer exclusive chip CPU, but only APUs, in a market that may already have enough central processing, reaching a limit of what the average consumer needs, so While it is very, very risky by AMD, this idea could bring great benefits and significant advantage over Intel in the medium term.

Link: Rumored to Discontinue Performance AMD CPUs after Piledriver – Will Focus on APU development (WCCF Tech)

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