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Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Companies |

Does it come or not Apple come to Argentina?

Does it come or not Apple come to Argentina?

This object of desire … did not confirm the words of President Kirchner. Fans in sailing (cc) flickr niallkennedy

In the speech he gave Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner in New York during the U.S. business lunch organized by the Council of the Americas, highlighted a passage from his dialogue on growth in the technology sector when he devoted a sentence to such prized apple company, who has no official presence in at the or business, leaving freed selling their products to a few commercial channels authorized retailers.

After mentioning some technology brands that local investments announced, Cristina Kirchner said: “We know that Apple is coming now, that would be the only global player that is now Argentina, so, prepare the rest because they will also have more competition. “

There seems to be an advertisement or less coming to downplay nothing less than the president of a country. However, some industry experts speculate that the case of any agreement relating to the export of products, which already have a manufacturing plant in Brazil, and with agreements the local assembly.

However, half of local technology and media spokespersons contacted Apple Argentina and received the same answer: “We have no official information about the company,” which does not mean a denial of the rumor as many times some decisions this kind are usually taken before official announcements.

Is it a strategy to brand the area to the current market competitors or the harbinger of some sort of trade agreement? Meanwhile, fans of the apple in Argentina begin to drool like a dog of Pavlov.

Link: Cristina Kirchner: “We know that Apple is coming to Argentina” (InfoTechnology)

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