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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Internet |

Dotcom now sings ‘Mr.President’ Obama

Dotcom now sings 'Mr.President' Obama

is very active in recent days, and has therefore decided to close the week with the premiere of his song dedicated to and the opening of a new Web.

Since we knew long musical inclinations Megaupload founder , who more than once said to be concentrated on recording their album, so we expected that at any moment we introduce this kind of work.

Now Dotcom has used her Twitter account to introduce “Mr.President”, well, rather to present it to himself @BarackObama: In the tweet dedicates the song and has linked their channel.

In the video we see through a futuristic aesthetic that Dotcom Launches a clear message: The government is violating innovation:

“The war has begun online. Hollywood is controlled by politicians. The government is killing innovation. Do not let them get away with it, “says one verse.

In Mr.President, Dotcom chides Obama on freedom of expression, and their attitude, while asserting that from Hollywood are controlling the freedom of the network insists that we must unite citizens and politicians will do what and encourages us to want to share the song in social networks, emphasizing that this is the time to stand and fight: “Unite and make history.”

In the video we see a series of screenshots from the Dotcom, photographs of some American politicians, a Barack Obama become a wooden puppet and images of the various demonstrations that have taken place worldwide against laws such ACTA, SOUP, and Similar follow … And more than describing the video, I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions:

In another tweet , also from a few hours ago, Dotcom announced the launch of its new website: , where you can find and download, of course, the song Mr.President and view other related materials Dotcom’s position on the case Megaupload. Sure is interesting to take some time this weekend to take a look at this website.

And after watching the video: Do you think Dotcom has talent to compose the song next summer? The truth can not imagine this playing in a nightclub, the Dotcom end up being the song of protest, that it does it does best, is not it?

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