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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet |

Dotcom says MegaBox be available this year

Dotcom says MegaBox be available this year

returns to the channel chosen by Kim to make an announcement, this time referring to the service ahead of us a few months then we tell you here. Now, the founder of Megaupload has deadline for the Music project sees the light, which will be before goodbye to 2012.

In a couple of tweets a few hours ago, Dotcom has announced that the service will be available this year:

“I know everyone is waiting. Will come. This year. Promised. Larger. Best. Faster. 100% secure. Unstoppable (…) Yes, MegaBox come this year. “

As we know , MegaBox allow artists to sell their music directly to users of the platform, in a return to the current business model that will leave music industry out of the game.

And is that just as Cony told us a few months ago , the idea is to MegaBox free music to users, and eliminate the business record companies: Artists will receive revenue directly from what they produce, thanks to a application called “Megakey” that users have to install that contain advertising:

“This new solution will enable content creators keep 90% of all earnings and generate significant income untapped market of free downloads. I created an innovation that could solve the problem of piracy, “said Dotcom then TorrentFreak.

How will the labels in this ‘megaidea’? Particularly I think should not be too happy with the initiative to function as described by Dotcom end to sink your business model. No doubt MegaBox will give plenty to talk about in the coming months.

Dotcom Twitter
Dotcom MegaBox preparing to launch and that “great artists” and joined (technewspedia)

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