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Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Internet |

Dotcom slow process of extradition to the U.S. March 2013

Dotcom slow process of extradition to the U.S. March 2013

The extradition of the United States, which claimed for crimes of piracy and copyright infringement, in addition to charges of conspiracy to commit racketeering and money laundering, suffers another setback: His lawyers announced this morning that the has been until March 2013.

The cause of the delay? It has postponed the first hearing to allow time for the authorities to resolve some issues related to the case, which have proved controversial and complex, such as irregularities in the search of the residence of Dotcom, we told you here makes time, and that could significantly affect the process.

Through his Twitter account, @KimDotcom himself, founder of Megaupload, shared their first impressions of the delay in the process:

“The extradition process postponed until March. Messy delaying tactics by the United States. They destroyed my business. They took all my goods. Time will do the rest. “

In his words it seems that not too happy with the delay … And is that on the adjournment, to defend Dotcom was facing: Ira Rothken, Dotcom lawyer in the U.S., said it would have been better to avoid the delay achieve his client “a decision more predictable and more quickly” in order to “resume normal life,” while Greg Towers, one of the lawyers of Dotcom in Auckland, told the press that this delay is not an advantage or a disadvantage .

Advantage or disadvantage, the fact is that Dotcom will have to be patient and wait several months. Megaupload rise again while you wait? As it is announced via Twitter so persistently …

Link: The extradition of Kim Dotcom United States, postponed until March 2013 (20 minutes)

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