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Dropbox improved their security measures after alleged hacking

Dropbox improved their security measures after alleged hacking

announced increased measures for access to the accounts, adding double authentication and other features, after several users reported being victims to be spam emails that had been used to create your account on the service.

The company acknowledged a security flaw that allowed the leak of emails from Dropbox, as well as user names and passwords. Information was gathered from third party sites, and is believed to spam attacks are a consequence. Dropbox did not report how many users were affected, but said he contacted the persons attacked.

The company will take the following measures:

  • Authentication of two steps: One way to, optionally, the system requires in addition to the password, a unique code to enter the service.
  • New automatic mechanism to identify suspicious activity.
  • A page that allows the user to examine all income to the account.
  • “In some cases, we may require you to change your (for example, is widely used or has not been changed in a while).

Also called Dropbox users to be careful with the choice of the password and not reuse passwords on different services. Accounts may be violated due to hacking other services – such as the theft of information from LinkedIn – and if users had the same password on both services, it would be very difficult to get access to Dropbox.

Anyway, the enhanced security measures are always welcome.

Link: Security update & new features (The Dropbox Blog)

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