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Duane Elgin: A new television to a new world

Duane Elgin: A new television to a new world

is co-founder of “Choosing Our Future” (Choosing Our Future) and “The Voice of the Bay” (Bay Voice), both NGOs dedicated to empowering citizens through a reformulation of the role of television in an effort to reform it from the content, recognizing the massive scope and depth that technology has on people and their behavior in mass.

His criticism points to the responsibility that the careless use of the contents of television has had on the current ecological crisis, with thousands of hours devoted to the promotion of overconsumption and few spaces for the habits of reuse, recycling and other sustainable behaviors.

Stresses in his vision that changes needed to be made mankind thinking of large numbers, which is why it is necessary to use the tools of mass communication. It is in this sense, raises his criticism of television content and proposes its use as a means of deepening and active communication. Recognizes that television can bring national and international affairs for the privacy of the home, inviting discussion and connecting with the fate of other human beings. The concepts behind their efforts and conclusions is that we need more and better communication.

His interests have to do with the collective dimension and massive changes needed for human survival. It is common in his speech to talk about “mass consciousness” and “collective consciousness”. His work for meaning to the role of television has its roots in the strategy of expanding the message of change necessary for our survival. All his work is premised on the imminent destruction of Earth if we do not begin to make the necessary adjustments and massively.

We witnessed an enthusiasm for the Internet promises to deepen democracy by improving the tools with which we connect each other. But we have neglected technologies that are slipping because of its ubiquity and familiarity, as in the case of television itself, which would allow us well used spaces massive deliberation, direct democracy and citizen participation without an effective bandwidth that few have, but using the spectrum radiomagnetic has always been owned by everyone.

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