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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Hardware News |

Dueling chipsets: Z77 vs A75 vs A85X

Dueling chipsets: Z77 vs A75 vs A85X

Taking advantage of a recent of the Gigabyte motherboard for microprocessors F2A85X A-5000 Series FM2 socket made by Legit Reviews, we gathered results SATA-III/USB 3.0 of the and AMD chipsets, various reviews conducted by the same site.

Since the integration of many components microprocessor itself previously present on chipsets as the memory controller and even the northbridge, current chipsets have virtually ceased to be interesting products and pillars of team performance to take second place in many ways , except for the Intel platform, where the is determining when to overclock the team, with only high-end chipsets allow overclock (on AMD platform chipset allows overclocking any).

From nortbridge integration to the microprocessor chipsets have been reduced to virtually a with a dedicated bus that allows them to communicate with the microprocessor, which is why both Intel and AMD have decided to call them commercially (Platform Controller Hub, name used by Intel) and Fusion Controller Hub, name used by AMD), although we still have chipsets themselves in 700/800/900 Series AMD chipsets.

After this introduction we gather some of the tests performed by Legit Reviews, which we supplemented with tests conducted previously by them to motherboards based on the Intel and AMD 990FX, although, unlike the rest of tested chipsets, support latter lack native USB 3.0, so the published results correspond to the dedicated controller present in the mother card evaluated based thereon: Fresh FL10009 (X79) and ASMedia (990FX).

Without further ado here your test:

Dueling chipsets: Z77 vs A75 vs A85X image 2

Dueling chipsets: Z77 vs A75 vs A85X image 3

Note: SATA-III tests for AMD chipset used a SSD OCZ Vertex 3 120GB, which has a slightly lower performance than the Corsair Force GT 240GB used in the other tests.

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