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Duolingo now for all: A language for free in exchange to translate Internet texts

Duolingo now for all: A language for free in exchange to translate Internet texts

(C) Duolingo

philosophy is simple: It consists of an exchange. Users who register on your site learn a language online and in return, while they know best, the new language online help translate documents in order to reach more people. She has outrun the private beta testing phase and since the end of this month, Duolingo is available to all.

Final goal: That by its users, Duolingo have the ability to translate Web contents to major languages. So far, the site has over 125,000 users have already been translated … 75 million words of Wikipedia and other sources.

What offers prospective students this page? Free classes online … but what language? Specifically classes in German, French and Spanish for English speakers and English classes for Spanish speakers. Future plans: Add the Portuguese and Mandarin later this year. In addition, this site will rise in the near future to translate documents themselves.

According to one of those responsible, Duolingo can help beginners get to have intermediate skills usually acquired after 100 hours on the page.

The idea that created Duolingo: Perhaps in the future machine translation is good, but now has a long way to be efficient. So the translation of the Web is a task that humans are at best able to do it. But how to motivate people to become part of this project? This is how the online classes.

Who is behind Duolingo? Von Ahn, an associate professor of computer science at (USA) and one of his former students: was part of those who helped to develop Captcha.

A good idea reminiscent of the cashless exchange networks that are being built now with the crisis: We translate, Duolingo teaches a language.

Here you have a video in case you want to take a look.

A ‘start-up’ makes language students translate Internet content (MIT)

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