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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Internet |

Dust off the old Pentium II: Remember to Lycos? He In the form of chips

Dust off the old Pentium II: Remember to Lycos?  He   In the form of chips

The once giant Internet search engines, Lycos, plans to return in a big way with a new in 2013 that, in the words of the CEO of the company, Rob Balazy-displays the contents of the pages it finds without having to enter them through the browser.

As happened with other like Alta Vista, Excite and WebCrawler, Yahoo, Lycos fell into disuse in the late ’90s after the rise of Google, being forgotten by the sound of a 14,400 baud modems, GeoCities and gif animated characters in flames.

After being purchased in 2010 by the Indian company Ybrant Digital, Lycos is currently running through a deal with Yahoo to take its search engine, yet Balazy ensures that everything will change for the old company this 2013:

“Next year we want to present a new search engine owner. I do not want to say too much about it because it is still in the planning stages, but we have the vision to merge the notion of an activity associated with the search for information with curing content experience.

According Balazy, there is still room in the market for what prepares Lycos: “We believe that the benefit to consumers will be gigantic. We plan to remove the trial and error process of clicking on search results and give ‘Back’ in the search, “said the executive.

In what way plan to compete against Google with this idea? The CEO says he does not aspire to compete against Google, for they ‘have indexed almost anywhere’. Lycos plans to focus on the most searched terms and especially in the presentation through user experience and good design.

Now we just have to see if your new product will cause any impact during the next 2013 or if we will appeal beyond a nostalgic exercise. A difficult task.

Link: Remember Lycos? It’s planning a new search engine for launch in 2013 (The Next Web)

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