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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Entertainment |

Dyskograf: Making music with a marker and a plush

Dyskograf: Making music with a marker and a plush

Based on primary concepts of sound reproduction, the Dyskograf project is an experiment for creating music musical writing on a plush only shaped disc rotating on a vinyl style.

The operation is supported Dyskograf optical reading of these drawings and converting them to different sounds according to the location, size and shape of what is written. Literally, we’re writing music, which is read by an optical arm mounted with a camera and through a software translates our sound strokes.

The project is conducted by Cultures Electroni [k], organizers of festivals in Europe, along with the art collective Les Bouillants and Avoka, expert installation and multimedia entertainment production.

Installation is a tool to create intuitive musical sequences, based on the notion of loop or loop which is so related to electronic music. Furthermore, according to its creators, seeks to achieve that, as often happens in many cases, through experimentation and free creation, you reach the stage of composition accidental product of building a musical sequence from experimentation.

Link: Dyskograf Sequencing Brings Music Back To The Punchcard Days (The Creators Project)

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