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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Internet |

Easel, a free way to improve your site with your own computer graphics

What can we find on the internet too much? Information on all sides and from many sources. And what we need them all? Time to search, collect data, read, select the important information and get a general idea. The computer graphics give us the whole process and made it successful and increasingly more for circulating the Web but also takes them a long time, so any help is welcome: A new website in beta, allows users to create their own infographics for free.

What does the user to start? The data with which to work and decide between the various display options offered by this website. It’s simple: We have five background templates and text boxes where to put the information and we can choose the font, color, position and size of letters.

Finally, we have a lot of articles classified by topic to add to our graphics (people, animals, food, icons, music, nature, banners, transport …). What else is used in a computer graphics? For sure one graph and arrows, many arrows. And other forms: triangles, squares, clouds … are also available.

As we may need more items than we offer on the Internet and there are many to freely use also allowed to upload our own pictures in the project we are doing.

Finally, you can save your work to keep him (you must first register on the website) and give different options for export: As svg, jpg, pdf or png.   Although we have user account on the page, you never know when a resource will cease to be free …
With all this, anyone can make their own graphics and easily without having any idea of design software.

Advantages of computer graphics: Are visual and faster to understand that a great text and are easier to share with others. Companies are also used to show more entertaining your data and for teachers is a good choice to explain complicated issues.

For we brought you here and several, such as that dealt with global download speed Internet and showing how they were Pinterest visitors.

Even we can use in an original way to present our curriculum vitae and share on social networks work. Some designers are already doing, is a way to stand out from the rest.

Tip: If you made the graphics you, put it; added your name as an element because there are many who copy the content network and sometimes in the rush (we will not be evil-minded), they forget to say where they got the information .

Easel creates infographics for free (Europa Press)

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