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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Companies |

eBay to stop selling spells and curses

eBay to stop selling spells and curses

(CC) Arenamontanus

Regrettably changed their sales policies and as of August 30 and will not stop people from marketing intangibles, ie, no longer will be able to continue selling tips, spells, curses, spells, magic, prayer, prayer services, memberships, digital art and recipes.

This means that the eBay user profile blackandwhitemaui will have trouble providing his ” service wiccan spells for one year with three triple spells perpetual power “for only U.S. $12,897. A bargain.

The online site announced these changes as part of their routine cleaning of specific categories, whose decision was based on the many items that were not classifiable and violated company because it is somewhat difficult to resolve complaints about problems in their operation.

Those who wish to continue buying items on eBay esoteric nature and are protesting against this change, made an online petition that already has over a thousand signatures because charge that in intangibles include jewelry, crystals, stones and potions that they claim have magical properties.

Given this, the spokeswoman for eBay, Johnna Hoff, has clarified that “the objects that have a tangible value for the object itself and can be used in rituals and metaphysical practices are allowed in most cases.” That is, it may continue to sell grandmothers ghosts as long as accompanied by the giraffe statue that supposedly grants wishes.

Link: eBay bans ‘intangible’ items Including spells, curses and advice (Wired UK)

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