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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Hardware News |

ECS provides its technology Nonstop: Motherboards “foolproof”

The market is common to read sounding terms like Millitary Class (MSI) and Ultra durable (Gigabyte) which focus the desperate efforts of the motherboard manufacturers to differentiate themselves from competitors and provide an image of reliability (curiously manufacturers ASUS and ASRock as not using similar terms). In the above terms are joined Nonstop.

The Computer Systems (ECS) comprises a series of very rigorous and stringent testing under severe conditions (ambient temperature of 50 ° C) for which they must pass their cards Black Series motherboard for a period of 72 hours in length, so certify its reliability “foolproof.”

ECS claims that its motherboards are certified following Nonstop:

  • X79R-AX.
  • Deluxe X79R-AX.
  • A990FXM-A.
  • A990FXM-A Deluxe.
  • A75F-A.
  • H61H2-A2 Deluxe.
  • Z77H2-AX.
  • Z77H2-A2X.
  • Z77H2-A2X Deluxe.

All the future ECS Black Series motherboards (Deluxe, Xtreme) Nonstop certified count.

Link: ECS Motherboards Are Stable Marketing Push – Nonstop ECS Technology (Legit Reviews)

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