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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Social Networks |

Ecuador seek to regulate social media at election time

Ecuador seek to regulate social media at election time

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Ecuador, Domingo Paredes, told several media outlets that are needed to regulate social media at election time, indicating that it requires “regular attitudes, pronouncements of people to not violate human rights, honor and dignity. “

The comments came after the country’s Constitutional Court (CC) were unconstitutional ruling that certain parts of the Law Amending the Law on and Political Organizations, which regulates the work of the media at election time.

The judgment of the CC allows the media to report on the candidates (not propaganda) during this period, however, indicated that “must exclude that expression to new media (websites and social networks) by which individuals are entitled to convey ideas, opinions and information of national interest with reference to the electoral process, then guaranteed the full exercise of freedom of expression. “

Despite this, Paredes stressed that regular reviews online is a must. “There is no standard yet, unfortunately, but that we must build a culture of not changed overnight. You have to regulate it and that we, “he said.

In alluded, the reaction was swift and most of the opinions were opposed to the idea of regulating online comments. “The people pretending to gag on social networks in election season is suicide. Do not mess with the people #CNE “opined eg @MonchoRiva , or @ felipevasquez showed “incredible, now they want to govern what we say on twitter! applause! “. Even a user (@calu ) wrote and published a letter to Paredes , the didactically explaining what the Internet and apply a little pragmatism of such regulation to social networks.

will have elections on February 17, 2013, which will be elected President and Vice President, 137 Assembly members and five representatives to the Andean Parliament.

Letter printed Domingo Paredes, President of the CNE, on intention to regulate social networking (Calu – xyzeta thanks!)
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