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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Economy |

Eddy Cue of Apple joins Ferrari directory

Eddy Cue of Apple joins Ferrari directory

I know that we are going to label after this note, but here we go. chief manager of online services including iTunes, and and Maps recently – has been recruited to serve on the board of Ferrari SpA . Yeah, the same that produces some of the world’s most extraordinary cars and lease its name to a multitude of products ranging from headsets to bikinis .

Eddy Cue on Apple began 24 years ago and has been recognized as being responsible for the existence of the Apple Store in 1998. Slowly adding responsibilities to today was among his greatest hits include both and the App Store and become part of Apple’s executive staff since 2011. A couple of weeks were placed under its responsibility both Siri and Apple Maps, after both technologies have been poorly received by the public , hoping to be able to turn them into successful products.

“I am happy and proud to be a board member [Ferrari]. Personally I have dreamed of owning a Ferrari from 8 years and I have the fortune of owning one for 5 years. I am continually amazed by the world-class design and engineering that only Ferrari can do, “said Eddy Cue said in a statement.

A couple of months ago it was revealed that had reunited with Tim Cook of Apple, sharing a mutual admiration between the two companies. “We make cars, they make computers,” said the boss of Ferrari. “But Apple and Ferrari are connected by the same passion, the same love for the product, maniacal attention to detail, but also the design.”

“I am happy that Eddy Cue, one of the forces pushing the range of revolutionary products of Apple, has become part of our board,” added di Montezemolo. “His vast experience in the dynamic, innovative Internet world will be of great help to us.”

Let’s just hope that the next F12 Berlinetta not come with the current version of Apple Maps on your GPS.

Source: Press Release

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