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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Internet |

Edward Snowden revealed extracted PRISM documents on a USB

Edward Snowden revealed extracted PRISM documents on a USB

(CC) Christian Gasparotto

Extract secrets from a government agency is hard enough, not by the technical difficulties of extracting the documents, but because you should not trace. When Bradley Manning extracted from U.S. Army computers government documents later leaked by Wikileaks, he did in a CD whose label claimed to be Lady Gaga, among other media.

On the other hand , the systems administrator we revealed the massive spying program and data collection of the U.S. government, , extracted data from an incredibly mundane to contrast it with the impact of their filtration: Snowden extracted thousands of documents U.S. Defense Department on a simple flash drive.

At present, researchers at the Agency (NSA) have extracted Snowden unclear how many documents your internal network, and from which server. While they have not publicly revealed, media have reported that when Snowden left Hawaii to take refuge in Hong Kong, it took four notebooks that “enable you to access some of the most highly classified secrets of the U.S. government.”

Who knows what other secrets will be in possession of the U.S. government Snowden. At last, after all, a U.S. Representative (equivalent to the figure of the deputy) part of a congressional committee that the informed about their data collection program after the scandal broke PRISM said was just ” the tip of the iceberg “.

Link: Snowden Smuggled From NSA Documents on a Thumb Drive (Wired)

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