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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Hardware News |

Elbrus Technologies Announces x86 emulator for ARM CPUs

Elbrus Technologies Announces x86 emulator for ARM CPUs

Although we have x86 market initiatives such as AMD and BlueStack that let you run applications designed for the Android operating system (for ARM-based computers) directly into teams based on the x86 architecture (PC compatible). From Softpedia development inform us otherwise: Applications x86 x86 microprocessor running, thanks to ARM-x86 Elbrus Technologies.

announces that it is working on an emulator that will run x86 applications on computers and servers based on ARM, without the need to modify, optimize or recoding. A feature that undoubtedly will help ARM-based computers have greater and faster acceptance in markets outside of smartphones and tablets.

Although not all good news, and in its current state the emulator is able to deliver performance equivalent to x86 only 40% of potential native microprocessor, which is why the developer plans to launch its emulator not until 2014, date that is projected to reach between 60 to 80% of the native performance of the ARM CPU to run x86 applications.

The emulation between architectures is not new in the industry, and in all cases the yield is one of the main constraints on the success of these solutions, but certainly not without interest.

Link: X86 on ARM Emulator to Reach 80% Efficiency in 2 Years (Softpedia)

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