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Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 in Hardware News |

Electronic Arts: Smartphones will next generation console-quality graphics

Electronic Arts: Smartphones will next generation console-quality graphics

We know that future ARM SoC fabricated with 20nm process manufacturing to TSMC and GlobalFoundries will have a higher density, higher performance, higher frequency and lower power consumption , thanks to improvements in the manufacturing process in combination with new architectures.

The most powerful ARM SoC next year will be based on Cortex-A57, the first ARM-based core instruction set ARMv8, also known as ARM64 or ARM 64-bit that promises a performance per cycle at least 30% higher of the current Cortex-A15 compatible applications ARMv7 instruction set (ARM 32-bit), and even higher performance ARM64 applications.

On the chart, future SoC possess powerful GPUs like Qualcomm Adreno 420 , Imagination Technologies PowerVR Series6 “prayed” , Nvidia ULP GeForce 5th generation “Kepler” as well as new graphic generations yet undisclosed ARM, Vivante, DMP Electronics Takumi, among others.

Electronic Arts, known developer, says that smartphones and tables next generation will have a graphical near the consoles Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft XBox 360, words similar to those mentioned by Nvidia a few months ago .

The high power of future SoCs will allow Give you a few adaptations to the graphics engines of many of their titles, so they can run comfortably on mobile devices, while supporting them as characteristics of touch screens, and iteration via voice and camera.

Link: EA Executive Believes Tablets Will Feature Next Generation Console Quality Graphics (MaximumPC)


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