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Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Economy |

Electronic commerce is growing by almost 50% in Latin America

Electronic commerce is growing by almost 50% in Latin America

(Cc) flickr Jorge Franganillo

In our region, the growth of takes hold of his hand on several factors, among which we can highlight the stability of some local economies and trust in electronic payments as well as, access to certain range of products that are not available in the local market or the costs are prohibitive.

Based on some of these parameters, a study by America Economia Intelligence reported a growth of electronic commerce in 42.8% during 2011, a figure which accompanies an estimated U.S. $ 43 billion in sales, doubling the record U.S. $ 22 billion in 2009.

The countries that have had growth in electronic commerce and with the largest percentage of sales are led by Brazil with 59% of the total, followed by Mexico with a distant 14%, the Caribbean with 6.4%. Under these new rates are Chile and Argentina, Argentina (6.2 percent), Chile (3.5 percent), Venezuela (3.3 percent)

The leadership of Brazil is an interesting fact to understand the potential of this trade, because that means 59% received 1% of its gross domestic product, making the country the first in Latin America to achieve that goal.

For 2012 and 2013, estimate that growth will be 26% and 28% respectively. Why do you think that countries like Argentina or Chile with huge investments in technology and infrastructure not consolidating a sustained growth in electronic commerce? Distrust of users, lack of information or lack of commercial offers?

Link: E-commerce grew by 42.8% in Latin America (LatamTechNews)

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