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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Gadgets |

Electronic Frontier Foundation called Apple to break the “glass prison”

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The (EFF), an organization that fights for the opening of the network and the rights of Internet users called on to their platforms to those who want to take advantage to do so.

“While Apple’s products have many virtues, are marred by an ugly set of restrictions on what users and developers can do with them. This is especially true for IOS, but other Apple products sometimes suffer the same way, “said the organization.

He added that “the recent products (Apple), particularly its mobile IOS, are like beautiful glass prison” due to restrictions imposed by the software, hardware and contracts with operators and developers.

The asked to reduce control over approvals of applications in the App Store, which allow to modify open source binaries and open its platform to external stores, so that users can “choose which software store buy”, using the market Cydia jailbreak as an example.

The organization also reviewed the status of Mac OS Mountain Lion, operating system to be launched officially in the coming weeks, complaining that Apple will integrate more restrictions on it, limiting the use of applications on the Mac

Apple is “following a dangerous path to make their products less open,” adding that Apple “perverted” the benefits achieved by closing the system “when you choose to install software from other sources is eliminated, and when the only App Store available charges developers 30% of their earnings potential. “

The group believes that Apple can still offer his “vision” of how to operate the devices, provided they open a door that allowed to leave the “glass prison.” This raises four basic rights that users of mobile devices should have:

  1. They can install the applications you want
  2. Access to the root / administrator level device is yours, to adapt it after you buy
  3. Having the option to install another operating system entirely different if one wants
  4. Hardware warranties should be separated from software warranties, including by extending the hardware warranty on equipment jailbreakeados.

The report also briefly criticizes Microsoft to limit the computers certified for Windows 8, by requiring the implementation of the modern version of BIOS, UEFI called, which could block the installation of other operating systems on the machine.

Returning to Apple, EFF says he still has the ability to reverse this situation. “Apple has the institutional knowledge to do better, and the ability to fix the situation. Apple understands the importance of open platforms: their devices would not exist without them. The incredibly strong brand and stature of Apple in the market mean that the company could give people the freedom to use their devices without affecting their own profits or the experience of its users ‘mainstream’ “they say.

Now the question is whether the company will be willing to change course, or if it is too late for that.

Link: Apple’s crystal prison and the future of open platforms (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

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