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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Entertainment |

England 10 000 British films digitized for easy access

England 10 000 British films digitized for easy access


The British Film Institute released a plan to digitize and provide access to 10,000 films for 2017, which are currently in the massive dome of the institution that protects from dust and weather around 450,000 tapes .

The initiative, which will cost $ 800 million-is called “Movies for ever” (Film Forever in English), and give access to their material (free or paid depending on the title) through TV channels “On Demand “, applications for TVs and mobile phones, and through its own video player that will be called” BFIPlayer “.

A group of experts, with a small share of the general public, will be responsible for deciding which tapes will be reborn in digital format. The initiative is held in conjunction with various plans to publicize British in the town, including plans include film designed to educate students on primary and secondary education.

Link: BFI to digitize 10.000 films as part of British Film Forever investment plan (Engadget)

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