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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Internet |

England adds to the law of cookies, nobody takes it seriously

England adds to the law of cookies, nobody takes it seriously

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The controversial “law of cookies “began to work as well in England this week, however, is being virtually ignored in the webs of the old continent.

Under the rule, any company that has a website that targets the European market must request permission from users to install cookies. These small files that help “remember” the user and personalize the content, but also can be used to obtain data on the behavior of the person and use them for advertising.

The idea is to raise awareness about users, and protect the privacy of individuals. However, the websites of the groups responsible for ensuring privacy in the EU did not ask permission to set cookies. Neither the European Parliament and European Commission practice this new rule.

However, this result is not surprising. There is a dispute as to whether government agencies are subject to the same rules as companies that have websites – although there is no reason to be in a different category. Moreover, should set an example if you are interested in the law is enforced.

Link: Sweet Irony: EU law imposes cookie, ignore own rules (ZDNET)

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