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Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Ensure that 3-D printers can create handcuff keys

Ensure that 3-D printers can create handcuff keys

German security consultant showed police to open handcuffs with plastic copies of keys made for a 3-D printer, and anticipated rise in AutoCAD drawings to the Internet.

The Hackers On Planet Earth conference, held last week in New York, a German security consultant under the name “Ray” showed that using a 3-D printer could reproduce plastic copies of keys used in the wives of police.

The idea was to show that at present can not determine that something is safe to assume that nobody has access to small objects in a specific way, like a key.

The problem for manufacturers is that they should design them wives thinking that all police officers must have a standard key that opens, so now “the police should know that each new wife to buy has a key that can be reproduced (…) All keys can be copied until the time when each spouse has a different key, “said” Ray “.

The consultant also said that plans to raise internet this week in AutoCAD drawings of the design of handcuff keys in various forums Thingiverse , possibly to encourage security companies to put more attention to these security holes.

Link: Security Consultant Cracks Open Handcuffs With 3-D Printed Plastic Keys (Popular Science)