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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Economy |

Entrepreneur will invest $150 million to install a factory of nanotechnology in Argentina

Entrepreneur will invest $ 150 million to install a factory of nanotechnology in Argentina

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The businessman Eduardo Eurnekian signed an agreement with the government to establish a factory for the development of nanotechnology, which will aim to produce a new generation of micro and nano to supply the local market and export.

Confirmed the initial investment is U.S. $150 million and will include installation and commissioning of a factory and laboratory in the locality of Chascomus, 108 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires.

The businessman, who also holds the concession of 33 airports in the country, said the goal of developing new plant, which will have 10 thousand square meters in area and be ready to operate in six months, will be to produce applied to different sectors such as banking, pharmaceuticals, telephone and transportation.

The business of the entrepreneur of Armenian descent who is in charge of the venture will Unitec Blue, which specializes in the production of embryos for export.

Although the information not be confirmed in the same report said that in a second phase is anticipated to reach an investment of U.S. $600 million for the same plant.

The industrial market is a major consumer of products based on micro and nanotechnology. The pharmaceutical industry, among others, consumes about 1.2 billion test strips a year. Similar figures are to be found in banking markets and livestock traceability, also a consumer of this technology.

Link: Eurnekian invest about u $ s 150 million to manufacture chips in the country (elcronista)

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