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Posted by on Jun 12, 2013 in Internet |

ESPN 3D will stop transmitting end of the year

ESPN 3D will stop transmitting end of the year

(Cc) Pop Culture Geek / Flickr

The content is still quite controversial , and today added a new chapter. 3D signal close its end of the year, after failing to successfully enough. This comes to impact the industry, where manufacturers have tried to push the adoption of this technology in the home.

Speaking to Gizmodo , low adoption ESPN cited as a reason to close the channel. The company said it would re-implement a 3D channel in the future, when people actually using this technology (if they get that far).

is one of the main channels of 3D content out there, so its demise is a blow strong enough and consumers will have less reason to buy a 3D TV. On the other hand, ESPN said to be interested in implementing – also known as or UltraHD – it could start for the World Cup Brazil 2014.

Link: ESPN 3D is killing broadcasts by the end of the year (Gizmodo)

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