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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Science, Software |

Estonia launch pilot program to teach children in school

Estonia launch pilot program to teach children in school

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Normally the program is not listed in the yard, much less in the primary. However, a pilot program called ProgeTiiger seek to bring these skills to in Estonia in some pilot schools. The program is driven by the Tiger Leap Foundation, he hopes that once the program past the first phase, to be implemented in public schools, you may register if they are interested.

“The interest of the students to use modern technologies has grown every year,” said Ave Lauringson, the Tiger Leap Foundation, Ubuntu Life. “With the program ‘ProgeTiiger’ create prerequisites for students to develop consumer software from software developers,” he said.

Primary school teachers participating in the program will receive training during this month. It is expected that over the next year will also add programs for high school. Or it could be a major boost for Estonia, which currently has a prominent place in software development.

Link: Computer programming will soon reach all Estonian schoolchildren (Ubuntu Life)

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