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Posted by on Jun 1, 2013 in Economy |

eToro launches in Chile seeking to expand in Latin America

eToro launches in Chile seeking to expand in Latin America

Some time ago, the advent of investment platform to Latin America , news that could confirm talks with Axiom, the Chilean company that brought the representation of the mark to Chile, and from this country, the rest of the region.

At this time, the eToro is strong in Europe, which houses most of its users. It is an online platform that allows anyone to invest in stocks, commodities (oil, metals) or currency, and whose main tool is the ability to view investors have done better business, learn from them, or copy your portfolio.

The idea is that the platform allows investors to share more information, eliminating the privileges they might have some in traditional transactions from the bag. With the platform, “invite people to gamble who do not necessarily have equity enough to enter a stockbroker traditional but with USD $ 50 you can purchase a stake in Google, being that the action costs $ 850, because purchases one serving. Then invite all the people to get into this market. Toby That club closed, subject to certain privileged disappears, “says Germán Rocca, Axioma partner.

Also, people who use the information shared by other investors make better business on the platform, says Eduardo Castro, also a partner of Axiom. “People who do not copy, have a 55% correct, which is basically a coin toss. In contrast, those who fall into this social network on this scheme and copy the openbook look, over 80% of the transactions are with positive results, “he says.

For eToro, the first station is Chile, where there is already a local website . “The strategy of the company is that this is the platform for expansion in Latin America,” said Rocca. The expansion path would begin then with Peru and Colombia.

You can register using the Facebook or creating a profile on the site. For readers of Engadget, there is a coupon with $ 20 gift to start investing and test . You can also create an account just to watch and learn how it works, no need to invest money. In case you want to deposit money, the system accepts PayPal, Western Union, credit cards and other alternatives.

Link: eToro

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