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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Hardware |

EU countries will have to recycle 45% of electronic waste by 2016

EU countries will have to recycle 45% of electronic waste by 2016

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This law corresponds to an update of the Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE stands for English Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), in force since 2003 and will impose a series of plans to recover the waste technology , giving a “producer responsibility” to manufacturers of technological devices that will make legal and financial responsibility of the removal and safe disposal of electronic scrap.

The policy had been criticized in recent years for its ineffective policy to promote of electronic equipment and stop the illegal export of old equipment to developing countries.

This new update, which was approved last month by the European Parliament, strengthens the regulation of technological waste, punishes heavily the illegal export of waste technology and imposes a goal that by 2016 the member countries recover 45% of electronic equipment sold to be recycled or disposed of properly, and then offering the option to raise this percentage to 65% of the equipment sold or recycle 85% of all by 2019.

Also large stores (over 400 square meters) will have until February 2014 to implement a plan to receive free customer and small electronic devices suitable for recycling according to with no obligation to buy a new product.

In addition, following an assessment of the project in 2018, will decide whether these laws will be extended to all types of electronic waste, as there are a lot of equipment that is currently exempt from these rules of the WEEE for its difficulty to be recycled or collected. The EU member states now have until February 14, 2014 to transcribe the new directive into their national laws for the management of electronic scrap.

An excellent initiative that makes us think how many old cell phones obsolete one has stored in his house. I at least about 5 or 6.

Link: EU Legislation Becomes compulsory electronic waste (Computerworld UK)

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