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Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Internet |

EUA activate anti-piracy measure “6 strikes” on the Internet on Sunday

Recently I talked about the idiotic law that seek to promote in the UK on imposing a fine on those suspected of copyright infringement on the Internet and how the ISP (Internet service providers) will be taking action on the matter. As well, in the United States of America is to implement a similar system on Sunday.

The rule of the “6 strikes” (as in baseball) implies that if you send material downloads or “illegally” at the discretion invented by someone behind a desk, your Internet Service provider is required to send a notification software to improve the security of your Wi-Fi (strike one) if you do it again would a second notice (second strike) and then you come third notification that necessarily must read and accept the terms of the (Third Strike). The fourth notice is very similar to the previous (fourth strike), but what follows is that you remove and Internet service to contact the company that gives you the service to reach an agreement (fifth strike). If you re-engage and go through lawyers and more severe actions (sixth strike).

And if you’re sure that you have not committed any illegal act, it will cost $35 to have your case reviewed and this may even reach court.

If any country in the world that boasts a large U.S. justice system is and it is precisely they who have turned the phrase “Innocent until proven guilty” in a cliche. It is perfectly understandable that companies want to reduce because it affects sales, but one thing is to combat illegal downloads and a very diferenet consumer is to take place tie.

No doubt that this will soon reach even to the Supreme Court because, as we read in the past, it takes many tests to rule that a person has committed a crime d this nature.

Link: U.S. Strike ’6 ‘Rule Starts This Sunday, How Are You Preparing? (Zero Paid)

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