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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Internet |

Europe abandons ACTA is definitely dead

Europe abandons ACTA is definitely dead

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finally reached the point of no return and is now dead and buried in Europe, after the admitted that there is a “realistic chance” of the treaty to be adopted in the old continent.

This determination of the “anti-counterfeiting trade agreement” was reached when the commission withdrew its application to the European Court of Justice review the compatibility of the treaty with the laws of the continent. This year, the European Parliament had already widely rejected the agreement , so refer to the Court did not make sense.

While not everything in ACTA was necessarily negative, if there was consensus that the measures imposed to combat Copyright violations were “draconian”, criminalizing such skip or break the DRM from a file.

ACTA’s death does not mean that there will not be other projects with other names that attempt to take his place, or that the agreement will not be signed by other countries. So far, only Japan has ratified the treaty.

Link: Euro Commission abandons ACTA court request (The Register)

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