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Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Internet |

Europe calls for policy changes Google advertising

Europe calls for policy changes Google advertising

In a while you have the “eye” madeGoogle: A little over a year in Brussels opened an investigation against the guys from Mountain View, they suspected that the company had abused its in markets for search and advertising.

Now the European Commissioner for Competition, Joaquin Almunia, has given a period of “weeks” to run the corrections needed to end the abuses of a dominant position in the search market over the Internet.

From Brussels believe that the U.S. company may be violating four Community of the so that Almunia has sent a letter to Google CEO Eric Schmidt in which he details the practices that could be considered “abuse of dominant position” .

The first refers to giving priority to their own ads and specialized services, such as your news section or search for restaurants, which would give “preferential treatment” regarding similar tools offered by its rivals.

In Europe, Google does not like to copy original material from the websites of its competitors, such as users’ opinions of hotels or restaurants, and then use them on your own website without permission, reaping the benefits that entails.

Third, the European Commission has expressed concern over the arrangements of “de facto exclusivity” signed between Google and its partner Web sites where Google includes search ads, believing that this would prevent the entry of competitors that also offer services on the Web

And finally, in Brussels considered harmful to competition from Google with restrictions on the portability of advertising campaigns related to online searches, since its platform to other platforms AdWords competitors.

Are these four specific aspects referred by Almunia who would have to change the form in “within weeks” to avoid economic sanctions.

They explained that if from Mountain View accept the changes and make the amendments requested by the Commission, will prevent the opening of a process that could result in a multimillion dollar penalty. And otherwise, Almunia has said that Google will send a statement of objections to the indictments and advance to the imposition of a fine for “abuse of dominant position”.

Will they prefer the guys from Mountain View to make changes, or it will be easier (and beneficial for your business) to pay the fine and continue as they are? The truth is that I believe that much of your business is greatly favored by the practices they criticize from Brussels, so I am one who I think will change nothing and pay the fine imposed on them … What think you?

- Google Almunia calls on corrective measures to end abuses of dominant position (EuropaPress)
Brussels calls for changes to Google if you want to avoid being fined for abuse of position (El Mundo)

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