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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Companies, Internet |

Europe could bring charges against Google for anti-competitive practices

Europe could bring charges against Google for anti-competitive practices

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A couple of years ago the European Union began an investigation against Google , after suspecting that he has abused its dominant position in search and advertising markets.

And since believe that the U.S. company may be violating four Community of the European Union, so that the European Commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, a few months ago sent a letter to the president of Google , Eric Schmidt, in which I detailed the that could be considered “abuse of dominance”.

Then, since sent a communication to Brussels where expose a series of proposals to meet the requests received, with the intention of avoiding penalties millions with which they could be punished.

And more recently, from Brussels had been assured that there is a “good level of understanding” with Mountain View on its latest proposals. So everything seemed to be going very well, until yesterday, the commissioner of EU Competition, Joaquin Almunia, in an excerpt from his speech at Fordham University in New York, as review Europa Press said there is still no a clear solution in the case of Google:

“If they find effective solutions quickly and tested with success, competition could be restored in the first phase through a commitment decision (…) However, we’re not there yet, and it should be clear that in the absence of satisfactory proposals Short term, I could be forced to continue with our formal jobs “.

That “formal work” is more than clear: If from Brussels have warned Google that several of their practices conflict with competition of the European Union, and to have been asked to make specific changes to avoid penalties ; the next step would harden the position of the European Union, thereby leaving the door open to fines.

Shall wait? Mountain View be punished? Before I thought that maybe it’s getting so much money with their current models of advertising, that they may consider paying the fines that put them before changing it to suit European regulations. Yes, we’re talking millions of sanctions, but is that what Google’s billed on advertising knows no crisis or cuts.

The EU antitrust regulators have yet to see a solution in the case of Google (Portaltic)
Europe requires policy changes Google advertising (Engadget)

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