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Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in Companies, Internet |

Europe investigate changes in Google’s privacy policy

In March the guys made some changes in the policies of the services they offer , unifying the Privacy of their Services in a document that is valid for all and replaced the more than 70 versions of ‘rules of the game’ that were used to then.

How does this translate user of Google services? For as we had Cony, basically it is that when we subscribe to a service will show the same information (for which read without giving the “next” automatically “), and that their systems can” learn ” about us and what we use most in the services that we offer, as explained from Google that “if you are registered, you can combine information delivered to a service with information from other services.”

That is precisely the point that he did not like the European Union authorities responsible for ensuring Data privacy of citizens in the Red: And is that while this unify our information can be useful to facilitate our navigation (eg can combine search history with YouTube searches), concern is to know that the company is accessing large amounts of personal information and usage habits …

therefore ruled a while back asking the Mountain View to postpone the changes, as we tell you here and now a group of 30 commissioners of the European Union has taken up the issue after considering that Google has violated the laws Privacy of the region, announcing a thorough investigation.

Not the first time Google has been in the sights of Brussels: Recall also investigates the Americans on suspicion of having abused its dominant position in search and advertising markets, which if proven could mean millions in fines and penalties at the Mountain View, as we advance here a few weeks ago.

What is the next step? Obviously we have to wait that will prove successful investigations by the European authorities, and confirmed the violation of privacy laws for surely be pressure on Google to make the necessary changes in its policy about adapting to laws … or face penalties.

Link: Google’s privacy policy: EU data protection chiefs ‘to cur Within days’ (The Guardian)

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