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Posted by on Jul 24, 2012 in Internet |

Europe opens public consultation on the speed of the Internet

Europe opens public consultation on the speed of the Internet

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Brussels has called a on the of the Internet, with the intention of collecting information to develop recommendations in 2012 on transparency in the management of traffic on the Net

The wants to hear from all market players in terms of traffic management concerns, including issues such as congestion management, managed services and respect for privacy.

Thus, this public consultation is open until 15 October, as indicated by the Telecommunications Commissioner Neelie Kroes said in a statement, which explained the aim pursued:

“Right now, consumers have a real ability to choose on the Internet offers. I will use this consultation to develop recommendations to increase the alternatives and end distortions on in Europe. “

Recall that this query comes after the publication of the European regulatory body for telecommunications (BEREC) on Net neutrality, which I spoke a couple of months ago and which has revealed that nearly 20% of Internet operators fixed restrictions such as limiting the VoIP or P2P file transfers during peak hours, which may affect more than 95% of users.

In summary: The Commission wants operators are clear on the conditions, especially restrictions of their services so that consumers are free to choose. That are clear in their offers and do not let any restrictions or exceptions in the fine print of contracts.

A very necessary, indeed, that they take from the because it is no secret that one thing is that we offer through advertising and one that actually ended up paying for the service.

Link: Commission opens public Consultation on preservation of the open Internet (European Parliament)

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