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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Science |

Europe raises deploy drones along its borders to control immigration

Europe raises deploy drones along its borders to control immigration

The proposal to use drones, or unmanned to monitor territories is becoming fashionable among various governments of the world: if a few weeks ago we learned of the intentions of the United States to reallocate surveillance drones that were withdrawn from Afghanistan observe other territories , including South America, now is the turn of the Union, where these ‘drones’ are used to monitor the borders in order to minimize illegal immigration.

As you read: The European Commission presented to the parliamentarians of the European Union project “EUROSUR” which is a monitoring of the Mediterranean Sea through the use of unmanned aircraft, or drones, to monitor vessel traffic from the coast of Africa towards Europe.

Supporters of the proposal and want to begin to monitor these European maritime borders from 2013, say that this will reduce the number of deaths caused by improvised boat wreck that African immigrants trying to reach coasts Europe.

However, within the same European Commission is being rejected, because it ensures that the drones are not useful in saving lives from a boat accident immigrants, because they are just drones …

To these and to MEPs divided opinion, the project must wait EUROSUR be discussed, considering also that an investment of 330 million euros for the purchase of the UAV, which has been described as a ” terribly expensive “for the utility that would … The question as always is in the true intentions of politicians with the implementation of this program of aerial surveillance.

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