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Europe: SimAula, a 3D project where teachers practice with virtual students

Europe: SimAula, a 3D project where teachers practice with virtual students

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How should one deal with a teacher to a student who is disrupting the class to be funny? What to do when one does not want to participate in activities? To help primary school teachers to practice before facing real situations like this, the company develops Indra, a 3D virtual project.

What is it? D and a project through which the teachers and general teachers test their teaching skills and how to take a class in a … safe. SimAula users interact with avatars, students, subjects taught and develop plans schooldays, but all in virtual classrooms.

When defining the appearance of avatars, whether children, men or women, will take into account the way people communicate: The tone of voice, gestures and how to express themselves verbally. All these features are important and should taken into account if you want to get good results.

Who will determine how they will behave virtual students? The behavior is defined by teachers and experts in psychology and pedagogy, which use their expertise and experience to create the simulations in situations as close to real life for the teacher to the resolved in the best way possible.

It is also a tool that can change and set new goals for learning with different simulation environments.

Two main objectives behind this project: The first teachers learn to “create role models and constructive solid education,” ie, who can navigate easily and appropriately to different situations that may occur in the classroom .

The second, to improve educational skills of teachers to offer its prospective students learning activities that are interesting and mostly effective.

How are based to accomplish this? In the teaching strategies and different conflict situations and problems that can occur in the countries participating in the project: Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and the UK.

Regarding the use of SimAula, teachers may be formed with this project in two ways: in a classroom practices supervised by teachers who will explain later, the results obtained in the simulation, or connecting from home and who will themselves interpret the results given by the simulator.

As things stand today and the attitude of some students, this simulator will come in handy for many future teachers and even those already lecturing.

Teachers can do internships in a 3D virtual environment (Europa Press)
SimAula Project

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