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Europe will take further steps to ensure net neutrality

Europe will take further steps to ensure net neutrality

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Security’s happened more than once: You are watching streaming movie night, and notes as the is growing slowly because the movie is going being “locked” … The clock strikes early in the morning and feel your Internet connection slower than usual.

I spend about three o’clock: To send an email with attachments I find it slower than normal. Although in theory I have hired a fiber-optic plan gives me 15 megs real, there are moments of the night when you do not feel I have such a speed …

I’m sure I’m not crazy, nor am I the only one who suffers: The report of the European regulatory body for telecommunications (BEREC) on Net Neutrality, commissioned by the has revealed that nearly 20% of Internet operators fixed such as limiting the or P2P file transfers during peak hours, which may affect more than 95% of users.

The figures speak for themselves, and I say, we are not alone “outraged” to read: A vice president of the European Commission for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, nor makes any “grace” this action of the operators , so it has spoken to emphasize that new measures taken to ensure Net Neutrality:

“I hate to intervene in competitive markets unless you are sure it’s the only way to help consumers or businesses. Preferably both. In particular, because a poor cure can be worse than the disease and unwanted harmful effects in the long term, “Kroes said in a statement justified.

So while not impose further measures to ensure by law the Net neutrality, yes that they will endeavor to guarantee citizens the real information on Internet plans contracted and actually receiving


Kroes said that prepare a series of recommendations to ensure transparency in the Internet services offered by operators, for which will focus on three aspects:

A. – Consumers need clear information about the actual speeds of broadband: The rise and fall of the data, the minimum speed, the speed when downloading a video on demand.

2. – Users also need clear limits or ceilings on consumer Internet plans that have contracted: clear, quantified data on the limits, not those phrases that include contracts operators who speak of “fair use” and that the ambiguous leave too much room Internet service providers.

3. – Consumers also need to know if plans have restrictions: Kroes says that if the Internet is not complete, should not be marketed as such … at least not without clarifying that it has limitations. This would ensure that all users are actually aware of the conditions of the services they hire.

Is the intention? That citizens can freely choose the plans that best suit their needs and budgets. Kroes does not “imposed” but wants the Internet are clear when a service contract on what is really going to pay and they will receive in return.

Kroes insists that although the majority of Europeans have an Internet connection that works well, and that the market most operators offer at least one data packet without restrictions, many people do not read well the conditions of services that contract or operators do not explain “what was lost” to purchase a plan with restrictions against one without them.

In my view, these measures are merely says Kroes appropriate: I hope that together with “recommendations” that will launch from the European Commission also established control mechanisms to see that they actually met. And hopefully then have a look at the ads that launch operators: All are the “cheaper” market, but when the end of the month notes “mysterious” charges on your bills, that it was taxes or fees outlined in the fine print of contracts.

And the truth is that I think more than necessary to bend efforts in this direction, because in many cases difficult to understand what operators actually offer. I speak from my own experience: When I had to choose the operator they hired the Internet service from my house, I had to do a very thorough comparison of the “fine print” of contracts, and often call the department customer to clarify details that were not entirely clear in promotions, such as restrictions on VoIP.

My final recommendation: To compare, ask questions and learn very well, and before the service contract seller clearly question: How much will I pay at the end of all taxes and extra charges? This saves you a hard time making ends meet.

- Vice-President Kroes to Propose action on consumer choice and “net neutrality”
BEREC Report [PDF]

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