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Posted by on Jun 16, 2013 in Hardware News |

European cloud services prefer local U.S. suppliers.

European cloud services prefer local U.S. suppliers.

providers are convinced that the scandal of U.S. spying will lead to more choose instead local alternatives of Amazon Web and Rackspace, who insist that they are not involved in any spying program as Prism.

No surprise to those who have lived in and know the European mentality. Many Europeans are very suspicious about his private life. The simple idea that anyone can have access to their computers, servers and mobile phones were shocked and even terrified.

“I think it will be very damaging to U.S. companies in terms of competing abroad. It’s not something we had thought at the time to market our services, but it is a fact that customers are going to discriminate against U.S. companies, “said Robert Jenkins, CEO of CloudSigma Switzerland.

Overall, the news about and similar programs have great effect on people’s confidence in using the Internet, according to Johan Christenson, CEO of City Network of Sweden.

“There are a lot of customers who come to us because they want to store their data in Sweden. Customers do not know if they have to, but prefer to avoid any discomfort. There is a small trust factor here, “said Christenson.

Christenson thought that because it was already known before the scandal, the trust would take about three or four years to go, but what happened in the last week made the trust is completed faster “than flying”.

CloudSigma and City Network infrastructure and services sold both. They have nothing to do to win new customers, but their U.S. competitors all they can do now, is to small claims to defend, the same discourse of Google, Microsoft and Facebook: “We do not participate in any program of espionage. “At this point, the credibility of the U.S. companies in this regard, is in tatters, and we help them to comment. Amazon and Rackspace, for example, reported by “mail” have not participated or are participating in the program Prism. How would a Frenchman: “Mon oeil!” (My eye will not believe!)

European cloud services prefer local U.S. suppliers. image 2

Last year, Rackspace corporate attorney, Justin Freeman was more open about the situation and said that concerns about data privacy limit the willingness of foreign companies to do business with U.S. companies and threaten to exclude them from competing in the outside.

Ordinary users are divided on the issue: “I think we’re so important. To be honest, I think if we had a nuclear or medical company, or something like that, it would be different, but we say when Justin Timberlake goes on tour, no one cares, “said Ian Woodall, project manager and user Group IT at Box, a British company that provides video equipment for large scale concerts and festivals.

On the other hand, the Swedish National Courts Administration, a state authority, under the government and functions as a service organization to court, do not use cloud services. Just started to sort data to begin to move them to the cloud, but to engage the services of U.S., I feel like a step too serious to take for the moment, according to its CIO, Magnus Petzall.

Will there be any significant change on the part of Latin American companies that require cloud services contract? Let’s wait a little longer to see what happens.

Link: U.S. cloud providers May have a harder time in Europe Following revelations NSA (


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