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Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Science |

European Scientists break record for quantum teleportation of photons

European Scientists break record for quantum teleportation of photons

would be closer to us the fruits of what we imagine: While the dreamers and lovers of science fiction, we feel that we have already waited too long to travel in this way, the advances in quantum teleportation fill us with hope.

And is that just a few days ago there was talk of a in China, where they could teleport the state of one photon at a of 97 kilometers, the news of an conducted by of Europe are full of emotion: They have managed to transport between the of La Palma and Tenerife Spanish territory located off northern Africa, with a distance of almost 150 kilometers … What went further!

Yes, the scientists involved in the experiment, said they had difficulties due to weather conditions of the site (wind, rain, extreme changes in temperature and even sand storms) which delayed work considerably, but still, achieved the goal and hit a record in quantum teleportation.

They explained that during his experiments perfected a series of techniques to reduce the noise that is produced and thus achieve not affect or annul the quantum signal. They also noted that entangled photons used to synchronize the clocks on both islands, which the team was able to coordinate the exact moment to send photons and look at the receiver at the moment that would come.

As you know the quantum teleportation is not instantly transport objects, but to transfer the “state” of one or more particles from one place to another without physically sending the particle through space. This, although we would travel from place to place, they may be useful in telecommunications, as highlighted: It would be useful, for example, for communications between satellites and ground-based stations.

In fact, both and European scientists have confirmed that the next step in their experiment is to achieve teleportation to a satellite in orbit and ensure that the technology is ripe for this to happen. Matter of waiting time, for surely this “competition” between Chinese and European that could bring interesting results in the future, hopefully soon.

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