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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Hardware News |

European Union imposes limits on the consumption of video cards

European Union imposes limits on the consumption of video cards

While for many years the TDP of microprocessors has remained at a maximum of 140W, you can not say the same for the GPUs, which each year seems to increase its electrical requirements, but this situation would be to change thanks to new legislation proposed by the European Union (EU).

Current laws qualify for GPUs in seven categories: G1/G2/G3/G4/G5/G6/G7 each performance related itself, but qualified as the bandwidth of graphics memory, where G7 is a high specification, and which overcomes the barrier of 320GB / s (384-bit GDDR5 1667MHz or 1250MHz GDDR5 512-bit), the current limit of the G6.

The new design Eco Lot 3, in addition to modifying existing strictly intended to eliminate the category categories G7, G6 leaving as the maximum allowed for the approval rating of the video card market within the European Union, so will prohibit the sale of any video card that exceeds these limits, and new limits for the six categories.

Nordic Hardware reports that several current GPUs from and not comply with the new law design Eco Lot 3, and this could also affect planned for 2014 GPUs (Nvidia Maxwell “GeForce 800 Series) and GCN3 AMD” HD ” ), whose leading exponents see their limited performance, a situation with which neither AMD nor Nvidia agree, they argue that the bandwidth does not translate into performance.

The new law will take effect in early 2014, and although we agree with any regulation that limits the increase in energy of the hardware, we believe it should be done the right way, and in this case the right thing would have been to limit the 300W maximum consumption at present specifications for PCIe video cards, and not allow the emergence of new specifications that exceed this limit, in addition to obviously ensure that this standard is met.

Anyway, it is possible that while the new rules will not affect next year’s GPUs (GeForce 700 Series and Radeon HD 8000 Series), both Nvidia and AMD should alter their plans for the 2014 GPUs, or otherwise can not sell any GPU in the European market.

Link: EU cripples future graphics cards [Exclusive] (Nordic Hardware)

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