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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Hardware News |

Everspin 8GB unit promises a rate 500 times greater than NAND SSD

Everspin 8GB unit promises a rate 500 times greater than NAND SSD

Everspin Technologies , a company focused on technology-based solutions (magnetic RAM or random access memory magnetoresistiva ) Announces Upcoming Availability of Spin-Torque MRAM unit 64mb (8GB), which promises maximum performance in storage units.

promises speeds up to 500 times faster than hard drives; promises very similar to that provided by the units RAMDisk , for indeed, MRAM technology offers the same transfer rate of current memory modules DDR3-1600, yielding many times higher than any current storage unit, including SSDs, while offering low latencies.

MRAM technology allows combining the high-speed transfer of conventional DRAMs, with persistent storage of hard disk drives. Everspin also adds its technologies MTJ (Magnetic Tunnel Junction) and Spin-Torque (ST) that reduce the consumption of the unit in order to make it possible for these are also very attractive in portable devices.

Everspin has yet to reveal the exact price of your new unit MRAM, but announces it will cost per GB 50 times greater than that of NAND drives, high price-performance justifying a 500 times greater; definitely factor away (at least initially) to the units of the consumer market, so initially your target market is the servers and supercomputers.

More information in this PDF document .

Link: No More SSDs, Magnetic RAM Is the Answer, Everspin Feels, As It Is 500 Times Faster (Softpedia)

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