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Every time there are less movies and more TV shows on Netflix

Every time there are less movies and more TV shows on Netflix

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continues to increase the transmission time it delivers to its users, with over one billion hours alone in the month of June . However, the trends have been changing in recent times and the results of a survey conducted by indicates that while the films are in the service go down, the are increasing.

During 2011, 53% of users are devoted mainly to see films, this year, that same percentage has dropped to 47%, while users who are both content types is maintained at a stable 35%. This year, 19% of users say they use the service just to watch TV series, an increase of eight percentage points from 2011.

Several factors may be considered for some gradual movement of these trends. First of all, is the approach we are taking on Netflix to TV content, either by increasing its catalog, it is expected that the fourth season of Arrested Development do increase traffic, and even creating their own original series like House of Cards (with Kevin Spacey) or Lilyhammer.

But more important may be the fact that the catalog of films is far from optimal, in the case of content transmitted via the Internet. At least in America, the catalog of DVD Movies that can be ordered by mail not replicated in digital, and that of Latin America where even the offer is still quite far back. Would not be surprising then that the percentages of both types of content, movies and television-continue to rise and fall, respectively.

Link: Survey: Netflix Streaming Users More TV (Nielsen via Wall Street Journal )

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