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Posted by on Sep 2, 2012 in Hardware News |

Evolution Performance Intel HD Graphics 4000 IGP

Evolution Performance Intel HD Graphics 4000 IGP

If there is something I like is to see how the performance of existing processors (both CPUs as GPUs, chipsets and other chips that make up the many internal components of our beloved PC ), for the performance of these components is affected by the new software, such as programs compiled with newer versions of a compiler or another compiler developer (this in the CPUs) and the new drivers (this very important in GPUs and chipsets).

From SemiAccurate bring us a little analysis of how it has evolved igp graphics performance of HD Graphics 4000 (codenamed Carlow), which is built into some Intel core microprocessors third Generation ( launched on 23 April this year , and based micro-architecture in Ivy Bridge ), in its first four months of existence.

For this test used an Intel HD Graphics 4000 with integrated graphics, which tested two different versions of graphics drivers, is provided on the day of launch of these chips, and the latest version 2761. Both versions tested with some to assess whether there is any improvement in performance offered by this IGP through its recent software.

Evolution Performance Intel HD Graphics 4000 IGP image 2

Although the new drivers improve gaming performance tested between 0.9 to 1.03%, which can sound very disappointing for many, thanks to the new software provides better image quality and smoother game experience, they offer a rate of frames per second more stable compared to the old driver.

We recommend you read the full review SemiAccurate.

Link: Intel’s HD 4000, Four Months Later (SemiAccurate)

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