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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Companies |

Ex-CEO pleads not be responsible for the scam that HP suffered

Ex-CEO pleads not be responsible for the scam that HP suffered

Earlier today, it was revealed that HP had been swindled by no less than USD $ 8,800 million , after buying the company Autonomy time ago and discover that it deceived the whole world, to manipulate financial reports to be more valuable than it really was.

We do not want to imagine the cry of panic that ran through the offices once discovered the situation, but if anything is certain is that more than anyone wondered: How &% $ #! the of that time did not realize? Turns out the person in charge of the company at that time was Léo Apotheker, and was not, the employer has now taken the microphone to say that he had nothing to do with this bad business.

“Looking back over the acquisition, which closed in September 2011, the steps and processes were thorough and complete, including two of the largest and most respected accounting firms in the world. Since was a public company in the UK, much of the process was based on public financial reports, “said Apotheker, perhaps throwing the ball of responsibility towards the public sector in the UK for failing to identify the scam Autonomy was doing when he was still independent.

Despite this, the ex-CEO remains confident in what may be the work of Autonomy, still believing in the potential of the company to expand its business in the area of software, despite solidarity with the sadness that exists in HP and declare to be equally astonished and disappointed by what happened.

Link: Leo Apotheker: Due Diligence of Autonomy Was Meticulous (The Wall Street Journal)

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