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Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 in Social Networks |

Ex-employee of Google against Google+: “Getting to clone Facebook is stupid”

as a company continues to make titanic efforts towards increasing the relevance of Google +, and incidentally also the number of active users of social network. But despite efforts, it appears that the task is becoming more complex as people simply refuse to give love. Or at least as much love as they give it to other social networks, like that blue.

And apparently not all believe in Google Google + worth so much wasted energy. is a former Google employee who left the company recently, and now with both feet off campus, that is the time to analyze what was your time there and make those lists of pros and cons that Americans they love. And speaking of corporate culture, the question is clear: Google + is number one in the list of cons:

“I think Google + is an effort that deserves the attention of Google’s engineering minds. This is something very personal, but I see Google technology to solve problems lawfully, doing stupid things like Facebook clone. In my opinion, Google lost the focus of what is really important to get into this rabbit hole that is Google + “

Worse, Tipping also believes that the political interest of Google for Google + was so present at all times, sometimes hindered and committed other projects. It is not the first time someone refers to Google + as a problem for Google: Mr. Shiv Singh recently said long ago that Google definitely wrong to launch its product as a social network , when it was something very different and eventually ended up confusing potential users. The results of this confusion appears to be dormant today.

Anyway, the view is just one more person, that is sure to Google at this point should not matter much. Like it or not, if he did not care when it was part of the return of employees, not now.

Link: Ex-Employee: The Worst Thing About Google Is Google + (Gizmodo)

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