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Posted by on May 21, 2012 in Science |

Excellent images of the annular eclipse of the Sun

Excellent images of the annular eclipse of the Sun

Residents of some Asian countries, as well as parts of the United States and northern Mexico, witnessed a spectacle in the sky: An Annular solar eclipse , when the moon is blocked from the central star, leaving visible only its outer contour and drawing a “ring of fire” in the sky.

From NASA stressed that the event lasted about three hours, time that the has been on a journey of 13,679 kilometers. At its peak the moon would have covered 94% of the sun’s surface, but of course that depending on the area from which to appreciate this phenomenon could be seen as a partial eclipse, or as a in all its glory.

They explained further that although during the year may occur several eclipses, this is unique because it occurs when the Moon passes the Sun, but is too far from the Earth to cover it completely: why can see the outer boundary of the star forming a “ring” around the moon.

The cloudy sky left many with the desire to enjoy this of the … Fortunately, as often happens in such cases, there were plenty of photographers who shared in the network some of the images of the phenomenon, which are those below I leave in the gallery so that we miss details of this annular eclipse of the Sun:

Link: Millions of people watch the annular eclipse of the Sun

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